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About us is a website, designed to cater to the information needs, primarily, of employees working in the Central Government, public sector, including banks, autonomous bodies, tribunals, and the members of public as well.

The theme and focus of is inspired by the grandeur of our Constitution as reflected in its Preamble. Transparency by way of implementation of the Right to Information Act, 2005, and the e-governance initiatives by the Government would go a long way to help the common man in the race for making higher achievements in the field of his or her choice as well as in playing a role in the mission of inclusive growth. is meant for the employees in the Central Government, public sector (including banks), autonomous bodies and tribunals, Inquiry Officers, Presenting Officers, Defence Assistants, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost & Works Accountants, any other professionals and students in any other way related to the Acts, Rules, Notifications, Guidelines and Court Judgments, concerning the Central Government and public sector service, including departmental inquiry matters, and the Right to Information in India. contains, inter alia, the text of the relevant Acts, Rules, Notifications, Guidelines, Instructions/Circulars, Court Judgments, and News. The content of is updated on day-to-day basis. It is hoped that usage of this web site would result in savings in terms of time and resources. Users of this website would hopefully recognize the potential of as a research and reference tool, which would give one the much desired edge over his/her competitors and peers.

Most of the Government orders on this website are already published on different websites of the concerned Ministries/Departments and other Government organizations and as such they are public information. DTF.IN has no intention of violating copyright of any individual or organization. If there is any objection to any of our posts or publication of any news on, the same may please be brought to our notice for corrective action on priority. 

While it would be our endeavour to keep updating the contents of on daily basis, the involvement of our esteemed members and visitors of this website in constantly advising on what content should be added and what further improvements need to be made, would definitely help us in providing our best services.

Use of this website is subject to the terms and conditions, set out in its “Disclaimer”. is headquartered in Delhi. We would encourage you to kindly send your valuable suggestions/comments through e-mail at

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  1. As per LTC (CCS) rules bus journey by private operator is not admissible. As such no reimbursement of private bus fare is allowed. In LTC rules, clarifications in faq’s clearly indicate that such fare is not admissible in LTC. If someone performs journey by private bus in compelling situation, then particularly that part of journey is not admissible. For performing a part of journey by private bus does not entail forfeiture of the LTC bill. My LTC Bill is forfeited by Assistant Controller of Accounts; PAO, Geological Survey of India, Northern Region, Lucknow for merely performing a part of journey by private bus, though in initial processing of this LTC bill private bus fare was disallowed. Forfeiture of my LTC bill is simply misinterpretation of rule.
    Ms Shilja Joshi, Deputy Secretary (PG), DARPG also opines that Forfeiture of my LTC bill is a wrong action. Concerned authority should seek clarification from DOPT.
    I seek advise from you about the prevalent stalemate situation. Your expertise comment may draw attention of the competent authority to revoke his action of forfeiture of this bill in accordance of LTC (CCS) rule.

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About us, 4.0 out of 5 based on 574 ratings