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Banking Ombudsman

Banking Ombudsman & Complaint Form

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* Banking Ombudsman Complaint Form (06.01.2014)

I. Banking Ombudsman
II. How to Register Complaint with the Bank or the Banking Ombudsman

III.  List of Banks

I. Banking Ombudsman 

Address and Area of Banking Ombudsman * Complaint Form * FAQ on Banking Ombudsman Scheme * Internal Ombudsman of Banks * Scheme of Banking Ombudsman

— Address and Area of Banking Ombudsman

  Address and Area of Operation of Banking Ombudsman (As on RBI website-25.08.2016) (45.2 KiB, 325 hits)

— Complaint Form

  Banking Ombudsman Compaint Form (06.01.2014) (150.7 KiB, 717 hits)

— FAQ on Banking Ombudsman Scheme

  FAQs on the Banking Ombudsman Scheme (As on RBI website-25.08.2016) (19.2 KiB, 207 hits)

— Internal Ombudsman of Banks 

  RBI Press Release dated 11.05.2015-RBI advises Banks to appoint Internal Ombudsman (As on RBI's website-25.08.2016) (313.7 KiB, 186 hits)

— Scheme of Banking Ombudsman

  RBI Press Release dated 05.02.2009 - RBI amends Banking Ombudsman Scheme - includes complaints relating to Internet Banking and Non-Adherence to BCSBI Code (50.4 KiB, 218 hits)

  RBI Press Release dated 24.05.2007 - Customers can now appeal against the Banking Ombudsman's Decision (31.5 KiB, 205 hits)

  The Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006 of RBI (As on RBI website-25.08.2016) (116.7 KiB, 195 hits)

II. How to Register Complaint with the Bank or the Banking Ombudsman 

  Banking Ombudsman Compaint Form (06.01.2014) (150.7 KiB, 717 hits)

  How to Register your complaint with Bank or Banking Ombudsman (30.3 KiB, 617 hits)

III. List of Banks (2011)

  List of Public Sector Banks, Pvt. Sector Banks & Foreign Banks (as on MOF website) (85.8 KiB, 576 hits)

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  1. Gordhanbhai Prajapati

    Sir, I would like to state here that I had repaid the Home Loan (floating rate) to Citi Bank in April 2011 for which they have taken prepayment charges from me as per the condition of loan agreement. I have repaid the loan from my personal saving such as GPF, PPF etc. I recollect that earlier there were guidelines from RBI not to levy such charges if such prepayment is made from personal savings. Now, my point is that as to whether Citi bank is right in taking prepayment charges on home loan which is repaid by me from personal savings as per the existing guidelines of RBI at the material point of time. Please clarify urgently as I want refund of my hard earned money.
    Thanking you in advance.

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Banking Ombudsman & Complaint Form, 4.1 out of 5 based on 78 ratings
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