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Latest Department of Personnel & Training (DOPT) / DPPW Orders/Circulars

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Recent Orders/Circulars
■  DoFS Letter dated 23.12.2014-Compendium on Reservation for and Employment of SCs & STs in Financial Organisations under DoFS, including RBI >>>  Reservation for SCs/STs  
■  DoPT Notification dated 22.02.2017 – Rules for Civil Services Examination, 2017 
■  The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (13.01.2017)
Digital Payments – Step by Step Instructions for Various Modes of Payment (As on DPPW website-26.12.2016) 
 ■ DoPT O.M. dated 05.04.2016 – Modernization of Service Book-invitation of comments
  ■ CGHS O.M. dated 31.03.2016 – Self-printing of CGHS Card   

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