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Law: PMO plans to merge tribunals for efficiency…; Proxy counsel cannot argue a case: High court … SC puts curbs on adjournments to ensure fairer and faster trials …

PMO plans to merge tribunals for efficiency, Company Law Board and CAT could be merged
Proxy counsel cannot argue a case: High court
HC asks 2 cops to face trial 23 years after torturing woman
SC puts curbs on adjournments to ensure fairer and faster trials
Law ministry draws policy to withdraw ‘frivolous’ cases
Bollywood Ban on Women Make-Up Artists Ends, Supreme Court Says It’s Illegal
Judges cannot demand respect through contempt power: Supreme Court
SC sets Dec 1 deadline for release of undertrials who have served half of their maximum possible sentence
Girls born before 2005 too have equal rights to jointly-owned property, says Bombay high court
Major relief to citizens, govt to accept self-attested documents
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PMO plans to merge tribunals for efficiency, Company Law Board and CAT could be merged  Economictimes.indiatimes.com
27 Feb, 2015
NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister’s Office is planning to prune the list of all important national tribunals and merge some of them to create larger entities and ensure efficiency. …

Proxy counsel cannot argue a case: High court   TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Feb 16, 2015
Background: There are times when the advocate on record is stuck in some other court and cannot attend to another matter. In such cases, he appoints a “proxy counsel” to take care of the case in his absence. …

HC asks 2 cops to face trial 23 years after torturing woman   TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Jan 25, 2015
MUMBAI: Police can’t torture an accused to extract information, the Bombay high court has ruled in a landmark judgment, and ordered two policemen to face trial for brutally assaulting a woman in custody 23 years ago. …

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SC puts curbs on adjournments to ensure fairer and faster trials   TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Jan 22, 2015
NEW DELHI: In a step that would ensure free and speedy trial, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered courts not to grant any adjournment during the most crucial phase of trial, which is between deposition of witness and his cross-examination by the counsel for accused. …

Law ministry draws policy to withdraw ‘frivolous’ cases   TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Jan 20, 2015
NEW DELHI: In an effort to bring down pendency of cases in courts, both the Centre and states have decided to withdraw ‘frivolous and ineffective cases’. …

Bollywood Ban on Women Make-Up Artists Ends, Supreme Court Says It’s Illegal    Ndtv.com
November 10, 2014
New Delhi: The Supreme Court today ended a nearly six-decade ban on women make-up artists in the film industry, calling it an “absolute violation of constitutional value and norms.” …

Judges cannot demand respect through contempt power: Supreme Court    TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Nov 3, 2014
Since its inception, the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that “no one can be a judge in his own cause”. This principle brings fairness to the justice delivery system and upholds equality of all before law. …

SC sets Dec 1 deadline for release of undertrials who have served half of their maximum possible sentence   TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Sep 5, 2014
NEW DELHI: Supreme Court on Friday set a two-month deadline, ending December 1, for release of all undertrial prisoners who have served a period which is more than half the maximum sentence for their crime. …

Girls born before 2005 too have equal rights to jointly-owned property, says Bombay high court    TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Aug 15, 2014
MUMBAI: The Bombay high court has clarified that a change in law in 2005 to bring daughters on a par with sons over rights to joint family property can be applied retrospectively. …

Major relief to citizens, govt to accept self-attested documents   TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com 
Jul 15, 2014
NEW DELHI: In what may come as a major relief to citizens, the government has decided to do away with the necessity of filing affidavits from a gazetted officer or a notary for a big chunk of government-related work and instead to promote self-attestation of documents. …

Now get a marriage certificate within 24 hours  Business-standard.com
May 11, 2014
New Delhi. Like passports and rail tickets, you can now get a marriage registration certificate issued within 24 hours, using a ‘tatkal’ service. …

Make senseless litigants pay: SC TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com  
May 7, 2014
NEW DELHI: After hearing arguments for countless hours for more than two years in the Sahara case, the Supreme Court on Tuesday sent a request to Parliament: please enact a ‘Code of Compulsory Compensation’ (CCC).

State can’t impose mother tongue on schools, says SC  Deccanheral.com
May 6, 2014
In a path-breaking ruling, the Supreme Court on Tuesday held that the state government does not have the right to impose the mother tongue of a child as the medium of instruction in primary education. …

Science beats law, leaves young girl without ‘father’   TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Jan 9, 2014
NEW DELHI: A 30-year-old scientific advancement clashed with and trumped the colonial-era Indian Evidence Act which had held sway in the Indian judiciary for 142 years, resulting in the triumph of truth but leading to unfortunate stigmatization of an innocent child.

After 29 years, man acquitted of stealing Rs 57   Timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Dec 3, 2013
KANPUR: Some times justice delayed is not merely justice denied but downright cruel. Wrongly accused of pocketing Rs 57.60, postman Umakant Mishra remained suspended from his government job for nearly 30 years. …


Dont’ give undue weightage to minor lapses in probe: Supreme Court  Timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Nov 15, 2013
NEW DELHI: Guilty people will have a field day if courts get carried away by every mistake and give unnecessary weightage to minor “errors or lapses” in police probe, the Supreme Court has said. …

FIR must in complaints about serious offences: Supreme Court   Timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Nov 13, 2013
NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday made it mandatory for police to register a first information report on receiving a complaint about a serious offence, freeing criminal investigation from the rampant abuse of discretionary powers by the local thana in-charge. …

Supreme Court stays Gauhati high court’s order, ‘saves’ CBI for now Timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Nov 10, 2013
NEW DELHI: The CBI, in a limbo since Wednesday’s Gauhati high court verdict declared it “unconstitutional” and stripped it of all policing powers, was ‘revived’ on Saturday after the Supreme Court stayed the high court order following an appeal by the Centre.
A bench of justices Sathasivam and Ranjana P Desai noticed the promptness with which accused in many cases involving serious offences, including the 2G spectrum scam, moved trial courts seeking a stay on the cases against them following the HC verdict. …
To see the Gauhati High court judgement, please click here.

Centre to move SC against Gauhati high court order on CBI today Timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Nov 9, 2013
NEW DELHI: The Centre will move the Supreme Court on Saturday to challenge the Gauhati high court’s sensational judgment declaring that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was not set up legally and had no power to investigate an offence, arrest accused and file charge-sheet. …
To see the Gauhati High court judgement, please click here.

NHRC can’t punish cop, high court says    Timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Sep 17, 2013

ALLAHABAD: The Allahabad high court has quashed the orders passed by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) giving punishment to a police officer on the ground that there is no provision under which order of punishment could be passed by it. …

Bail, not jail, the norm, says SC, but the reality is opposite  Timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Sep 8, 2013

MUMBAI: Bail, not jail, is a dominant principle of criminal law practised by every mature democracy and in India often in its breach. Be it A Raja or Kanimozhi in the 2G case, Suresh Kalmadi in the CWG case or Asaram, facing an unproven sexual assault charge, once a case becomes high profile courts are diffident to grant bail even if that flies against the express directive of the Supreme Court. …

10 common legal myths busted  Economictimes.indiatimes.com

26 Aug, 2013

Did you check your friend’s repayment history when you agreed to be a guarantor for his home loan? You should have, because according to a Supreme Court ruling, the lender can recover his dues from the guarantor if the borrower is unable to repay the loan. Your friend’s liabilities could become yours if he defaults. Yet, very few people know this or check it when they blindly sign up as guarantors for loans taken by friends and relatives.

SC: Can’t tell accused who whistleblower is

LawAug 23, 2013

NEW DELHI: In what is sure to encourage whistleblowers, the Supreme Court has ruled that identity of persons who tip off anti-corruption agencies about corrupt deals of bureaucrats can never be revealed to the accused facing prosecution under Prevention of Corruption Act. …

Judges and advocates accountable to people, Chief Justice of India says  Times of India

Aug 20, 2013

CHENNAI: Though people do not elect judges and advocates, the two are answerable and accountable to the public, said Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam on Tuesday. The judiciary is enjoying enormous public confidence and trust, and hence advocates and judges must conduct themselves in a befitting manner, he said…

Compassionate job for man after late mother’s legal battle for years  Times of India

Aug 14, 2013

MADURAI: A legal battle that dragged on for 17 years came to an end with a 29-year old man finally declared eligible to get a government job, though his mother who went to the court on behalf of him died before the verdict. She had taken the municipal authorities to court to secure a government job for he son on compassionate ground after her husband’s legal death. …

Notorious fake courts back in Tamil Nadu  Times of India

Jul 15, 2013

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu’s notorious ‘fake courts’, which hold civil and criminal proceedings and exercise even ‘contempt of court’ jurisdiction, are back in news with all their paraphernalia such as court halls, national emblem and ‘judges’ accompanied by mace-wielding duffedars calling out ‘Silence’. …

Litigants may soon get case details online, through text messages  Times of India

Jun 18, 2013

NEW DELHI: Soon, litigants may get updates on progress of their cases pending in various subordinate courts online, and through text messages on their mobile phones as part of judicial reforms initiated by the government. …

Soon, ‘vulnerable’ witnesses won’t have to face accused

Jun 18, 2013

NEW DELHI: Realizing the need of having a better witness protection programme in place, lower judiciary is now working towards creating a new ‘vulnerable witness facility’ that will help witnesses who are under threat or are likely to be threatened by the accused to come out and depose without any danger. …

Madhya Pradesh judge goes by ‘animal instinct’  TOI News

May 4, 2013

JABALPUR: Chief judicial magistrate in Khandwa district court, GC Dubey decided to rely upon “animal instinct” than the rule book to decide a custody issue. During the proceedings of a theft case lodged in Piplod police station last month, where parties charged each other with stealing a baby goat weighing about 16 kilograms, Dubey summoned two female goats to the court and delivered instant justice on Thursday by observing which one shared a better comfort-level with the little one. …

Punish convicts for the crime as well as its brutality, Supreme Court says

Apr 25, 2013

NEW DELHI: The increased brutality in committing crimes, including gang rapes in the recent past, has not been lost on the Supreme Court, which has promised to the society that the accused if convicted would get adequately punished not only for the crime but also for their depravity. …

Compensate rape victims: SC

Apr 25, 2013

NEW DELHI: Victims of sexual assault need a completely different treatment than what is meted out to them by the society and state authorities, the Supreme Court has said and ordered all states to implement its 18-year-old directive.

The 1995 judgment of the apex court had directed setting up of Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and said it could take up the task of determining the amount to be paid by the offender to rape victims who incur huge financial loss apart from carrying the unwarranted stigma. …

‘Car thief’ demands top cop’s apology

Apr 14, 2013

NEW DELHI: Dubbed a ‘known car thief’ by Delhi Police, which slapped 55 cases on him, Irfan Ali will now settle for nothing less than a written apology from the police commissioner.

Ali has approached the Delhi high court, demanding that the police chief apologize as the cops used him as a “fill in the blank” for all the unsolved car theft cases since 1991. For being framed, Ali has also sought a compensation of 80 lakh as he suffered “mental harassment, humiliation, physical agony and judicial custody”. …
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