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NATUROPATHY: How To Avoid Diabetes …

How To Avoid Diabetes
Maida: Real Cause of Diabetes

How To Avoid Diabetes
Dr. Shafeek Mohammed, BNYS,
Former C.M.O., Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospial & Yoga center, Jaipur
Saturday, Apr 27, 2013 22:09 hrs. : Updated on Apr 11, 2013

Why are we consuming food, drinking water and breathing? We should know the answer to this question, before knowing about diabetics (sugar). Human body is built by a single cell. Eyes, nose, ears, heart, and all other organs develop by giving a shape to the cells. Thus the base of every thing in human body is cell. For these cells to grow, to crumble, to make new cells, to work, to have defence mechanism against disease, to make hormones, and for every thing, energy is needed. This energy in human body is obtained from food, water and air. That is why food is a primary need. The second place is for food after body (unconscious mind). In olden days we humans must not have thought about the food so much. Because the food that we got was natural, pure, without adulteration. But today’s condition is not like that. Every thing is adulterated, contains pesticides and poisons, injected by hormone, even “Furadan” is added. We are getting such foods. Just imagine what will be the condition of our health if we eat, or are made to eat, such an adulterated food, with contents that are very detrimental to our health? ‘You know, you are what you have or eat.’ Diabetic TestEvery thing that we consume is converted into glucose by our system. After converting the food into glucose, it is detected by pancreas. That is, pancreas acts as a quality controller. The insulin is given to that good glucose which is detected and passed by the pancreas. The cells accept the glucose, only if insulin is given to it. But the pancreas gives insulin only if the glucose is good. To get good glucose, good food must be eaten.

Bad food or bad glucose is rejected by the pancreas and the insulin is not given to it. This is how a person becomes diabetic (sugar patient). Pancreas has the ability to produce 1 litre 700 ml. of insulin in a day. A normal, healthy person needs only 60 to 90 ml. of insulin every day. So, diabetes is not caused by the deficiency of insulin in our body. The problem is not with our body, but with our food. The human body (unconscious mind) will not allow the bad glucose (that was not given insulin) to travel through the blood and make the blood impure. Immediately, the body (unconscious mind) gives instructions to the kidney to filter the bad glucose and eliminate it from the human body.  That is why diabetic patients urinate 3 to 4 times at night (Poly urea) Human body needs energy; so, it asks for food again and again. But again we may be providing impure food. Troubles and scare occur because we are not changing the food intake. So, we consult a doctor. The doctor requires asks to test the blood. And, what is found when the blood is tested? It detects how much glucose, rejected by the pancreas, is there; it may be above 200 or something. By seeing this, the doctor prescribes medicine. What happens when we take medicines? Actually, the medicine is compelling the pancreas to give insulin to the rejected glucose and make it pass. So, insulin is given by compelling the pancreas and the cells are forced to accept the bad glucose. When the cells accept the bad glucose necessarily, oxidation and hydrogenation can not be done, wastes cannot be eliminated and the glucose can not be crumbled to make energy. So, the cells become weak.  Blood circulation decreases. It quickly affects the bottom of legs and hands and swelling may occur. But we continue to take the tablets or inject insulin. Most of us do not think about changing the food habits or food intake. Finally, body makes wounds on toe (fingers on legs) and tries to eliminate the waste. We continue to take tablets or insulin injections even if the worst situation arises for amputation of leg or legs. But, the food intake may remain the same. Time has come for you to ponder over your current food habits. Change your food habits without delay so as to avoid occurrence of diabetes.
By Dr. Shafeek Mohammed, BNYS, Former C.M.O. Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospial & Yoga center Village SAR (Bilochi) at Delhi-Chandwaji D-zone Bypass Highway, Jaipur. Mob.: 08696590200, 08094444559
E-mail: drshafbnys.mohammed284@gmail.com, dr­_shafbnys@yahoo.co.in

Note:-  The author was responsible for the contents of the above article.

Maida: Real Cause of Diabetes
Dr. Shafeek Mohammed, BNYS,
Former C.M.O., Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospial & Yoga center, Jaipur
Saturday, Apr 06, 2013 21:19 hrs. : Updated on Apr 11, 2013

Now a days it is very difficult to live without the bakery and other products made of this beautiful, white-color flour called ‘maida’ (See maida in the pic) . But have you ever realized that it is a silent killer of human beings? How is it a silent killer? This article tells about how maida is made from wheat flour and what are the toxic ingredients that can mix with it to make sweet, delicious bakery products – with an overview of other harmful chemicals present in such Maida powderproducts as are made with maida as a major or minor ingredient.

How is maida made?
The wheat grain has two parts: the outer shell part that is nutritious and eatable and the inner part that is not eatable. The inner part does not contain any fibre, too. This inner part is grinded and bleached with benzoic peroxide to form a white powder, which, in turn, is mixed with Alloxen (chemical) to form ‘maida’. Due to the process of grinding, maida becomes very soft and due to the chemical processing, it becomes white and shining, though the chemicals used are detrimental to health. Alloxen and Benzoic Peroxide in maida The chemicals, namely, Alloxen and Benzoic Peroxide are mainly used in rats and pigs for the testing of insulin. Scientists usually inject this chemical into rats and pigs so that they contract diabetes, to facilitate testing their experiments on them for their research. This chemical is toxic to pancreas, which is responsible for regulation of glucose, sugar and blood, and formation of insulin in human body. As a matter of fact, insulin is responsible for the control of blood sugar. Once pancreas is damaged, one will become diabetic. Pancreas can be damaged in many ways. Our genes and heredity, too, have a role in making pancreas susceptible to injury by noxious agents. To get pure white color, benzoic peroxide is used in cloth mills. If you take this powder and mix with water, fumes will come out, that is dangerous to human skin. But, unfortunately this chemical is one of the important intakes for the production of maida.

Why are mineral oil and aginomoto used in maida products?
As everybody knows, from petroleum we can extract petrol, diesel and kerosene. Once it’s done we get a smellless byproduct, called mineral oil. The advantage of this oil is that when we make or fry a food item, nothing happens to it for a considerable period. If we make or fry a food item with coconut oil, something will happen to that food after a few days. This is because of the natural bacteria which comes automatically in the food products. But with mineral oil, even natural bacteria will not appear and proliferate in the food item. Therefore, one can now easily imagine the powerful nature of this chemical. The other villain in this game is the aginomoto’s birth place in China. Because of the severe kidney failure cases reported over there, the Chinese government banned this chemical. But in India, most of the food items are still served with aginomoto. This chemical adds to the taste in the food by enhancing the taste buds. Most of today’s food items contain aginomoto – for example, in biryani, fried rice, soup and other maida food products (especially soup) bought from the market shop. In view of this, you may be well advised to consider ascertaining or reading the ingredients and saying a big ‘NO’ if aginomoto has been used in the product. I have read some articles about aginomoto, in which the doctors advised that if one feels some kind of headache after having Chinese food, no wonder they might have used aginomoto in their food products. The other set of chemicals which are available in bakery products are sodium meta bi sulphate, benzoic and citric acid. All these chemicals are hazardous to health, particularly for pregnant ladies and kids.

Where can we see maida products?
90% of the bakery items are made with maida. Bakery is a hub for most of the dangerous chemicals. To get colours in food products, one would need a mix of different chemicals. The same chemical (petroleum byproduct) is used in the paints manufacturing industry. The other chemicals used with maida are mineral oil, taste makers, aginomoto, preservatives, dalda, saccharin, sugar, etc. The list goes on and on. Maida ChapatiMaida or white wheat flour is used in many food stuffs worldwide. The big corporate lobby worldwide has succeeded in hiding the harmful effects of maida and disseminating the correct information. The food industry has also been able to prevent any research to rule out the causation of DIABETES by maida. While the incidence of diabetes mellitus is increasing worldwide, India, particularly Kerala, is going to get the number one place in this regard. May be our food habits, especially using maida in most of the food items, may be responsible for this. Therefore, research involving randomized control trial is needed in this regard to prove that maida can cause diabetes. Since maida contains the poison alloxan that can damage the pancreas, it is advisable to avoid maida just as use of tobacco or cigarette can cause lung cancer and many other health hazards, maida may be one of the leading causes of diabetes, the emerging disease of modern life style. Alloxen is one of the causes of adult-onset type-2 diabetes, though it is not the only cause. The current theory suggests a hereditary beta-cell predisposition to injury, coupled with some defect in tissue regeneration capacity may be a key cause. For alloxan to cause injury to an individual’s beta cells, the individual must have the genetic susceptibility to injury. This is similar to the connection between high-cholesterol foods and heart disease, cigarette smoking and lung cancer. Eating high-cholesterol foods causes heart disease, especially in people who have family histories of heart disease. Similarly, cigarette causes lung cancer in genetically susceptible individuals. The link between alloxan and diabetes is as clear and solid as the link between cholesterol and heart disease, cigarette smoking and lung cancer. All this comes down to asking: If you are putting yourself at risk for diabetic coma, blindness, limb amputation and death, is the white bread worth eating? If you’re willing to risk your quality of life and the life itself, then go ahead and eat all the foods made with the white flour. And, if you decide to stop poisoning you body with alloxan, a known toxic chemical, and other chemicals, then make a few simple dietary changes. Eat bakery products and other food products made with the whole-grain, that is, wheat flour, and not the processed white flour.

By Dr. Shafeek Mohammed, BNYS, Former C.M.O.,
Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospial & Yoga center, Village SAR (Bilochi) at Delhi-Chandwaji D-zone Bypass Highway, Jaipur.
E-mail: drshafbnys.mohammed284@gmail.com, dr­_shafbnys@yahoo.co.in

Note: The author was responsible for the contents of this article.

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