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Seniority – Orders/Circulars

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  O.M. dated 04.03.2014 - Inter se seniority of direct recruits and promotees - instructions thereof (95.6 KiB, 488 hits)

  O.M. dated 30.04.2013 - Seniority of officers holding posts / grades in grades merged in pursuance of recommendations of 6th CPC (108.1 KiB, 308 hits)

  O.M. dated 13.09.2012 - Seniority of officers holding posts or grades in grades merged in pursuance of recommendations of 6th CPC (101.1 KiB, 399 hits)

  O.M. dated 03.04.2012 - Consolidated instructions on seniority contained in DOP&T'S O.M. dated 3.6.1986 - Clarification regarding (22.1 KiB, 344 hits)

  O.M. dated 13.04.2011 - Consolidated orders on seniority-Fixation of seniority of released ES and SSC Officers of the Armed Forces-Clarification regarding consolidated instructions dated 3.7.1986 (58.5 KiB, 358 hits)

  DoPT O.M. dated 11.11.2010 - Seniority - Consolidated orders on (373.7 KiB, 424 hits)

  DOPT's Instructions and Guidelines on Seniority (11.11.2010) (300.8 KiB, 523 hits)

  O.M. dated 20.08.2008 - Selection of candidates on direct recruitment basis - Consideration of CRs for selection of candidates - instructions regarding (121.8 KiB, 331 hits)

  O.M. dated 3.3.2008 - Consolidated orders on seniority - Clarification regarding (99.3 KiB, 412 hits)

  O.M. dated 21.1.2002-Seniority of SC-ST Govt. servants on promotion by virtue of rule of reservation-roster (84.4 KiB, 671 hits)

  O.M. dated 27.3.2001-Seniority of persons absorbed after being on deputation (137.7 KiB, 335 hits)

  O.M. dated 01.05.2000 - Court orders against GOI instructions on service matters - consulation with Min. of Law and DOPT on the question of filing appeals before implementation of Court orders (58.2 KiB, 352 hits)

  O.M. dated 30.01.1997 - Seniority of SC & ST officers promoted earlier vis-a-vis general candidate promoted later (104.0 KiB, 2,236 hits)

  O.M. dated 03.11.1995 - Fixation of seniority in the case of delayed promotion due to penalty (91.2 KiB, 384 hits)

  O.M. dated 09.08.1995 - Candidates recommeded by UPSC or SSC for appointment to Central Civil Services and post delay in joining-revival of offers of apptt. after their cancellation-determination of (416.2 KiB, 397 hits)

  O.M. dated 04.11.1992 - Delinking seniority from confirmation (243.2 KiB, 354 hits)

  O.M. dated 07.02.1990 - Inter-se seniority of promotees from more than one feeder grades - Clarification regarding (129.3 KiB, 328 hits)

  O.M. dated 06.01.1989 - Petitions relating to personnel matters filed in Courts, CAT, etc. - handling of (172.8 KiB, 371 hits)

  O.M. dated 12.12.1988 - General principles of seniority - Preparation of a combined Select List of promotees where quotas have been laid down for various posts in the feeder grade (241.0 KiB, 380 hits)

  O.M. dated 3.7.1986 - Consolidated orders on seniority (1.8 MiB, 450 hits)

  O.M. dated 04.12.1979 - Crucial date for determining age limits, etc. for competitive examinations held by UPSC and SSC (78.4 KiB, 337 hits)

  O.M. dated 24.06.1978 - Starting point in the recruitment roster for the purpose of seniority - procedure regarding (138.9 KiB, 360 hits)

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Seniority - Orders/Circulars, 3.6 out of 5 based on 24 ratings

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